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Today I passed in front of a Veterinary Clinic. There was a box with ten puppies that were abandoned during the night. Ten puppies … That’s cruel …
What kind of person abandons animals? Not achieved by these people that they are living beings like us. Feeling cold, hunger, thirst, loneliness and fear?
And if they did not want the puppies why not take the proper precautions?
This kind of attitude shows a lack of value and respect for life.
I defend the cause: the solution is castration + Adoption.
Enough to treat animals as commodities. Enough to treat them as if they were “our” resources. Enough of this lack of responsibility for another living being.
I defend the animals. I stand for life!


Save the innocent.

“Vivisection is every form of animal testing that causes suffering to the same.”  No results obtained through experiments in non-human animals to serve man ever.

“A science that is produced in an ethical vacuum recalls irresistibly the Nazi context, as Roberto Romano said in an article in Folha de S. Paulo (Notebook More!, 2001).”

If you do not agree with the use of animals in cruel tests help to protest.

Hello world!

My name is Evelyn. I live in Florianópolis, also known as the Magic Island, Brazil. I love my family, my boyfriend and animals. I’ma big fan of Linkin Park’s work. I am a beautician. I College of Pharmacy and biochemistry. What I love most to do is visit my family, being with my brothers and nephews and work as volunteers with animals. My biggest dream is to work as a volunteer with animals and children in Africa. the sound I hear more, of course, is LP.
More than that only knows who knows me personally.